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(August 3, 2016 – New York City, NY) –The SSPI Northeast Chapter has elected a Board of Directors to lead the chapter for the 2016-17 operational year. The board will direct the chapter in a series of networking events and activities that enable local member engagement with the mission of the Society and connection with professionals throughout the region.

The chapter will hold its first event under the direction of the newly-elected board, on September 22, 2016 at the Princeton offices of SES. The event will feature tours of the SES Ultra HD TV facilities and Satellite Operations Center, as well as a meet-and-greet, where chapter members will have an opportunity to network and meet the new members of the board.

The officers and directors for the 2016-17 term are:

President: Paul Scardino, SVP Sales Operations/Engineering and Marketing, Globecomm
Vice-President: Slava Frayter, VP Americas, Newtec
Secretary: Neil Uricoli, Director of Broadcast Sales, Eutelsat
Treasurer: Jim Occhiuto, SVP Technology and Engineering, Showtime Networks Inc.
Director of Programs: Susanna Mandel-Mantello, VP Global OU, Sports & Events, MX1
Director, Educational Initiatives: Chris Sharkey, Major Accounts Director, Harmonic, Inc.
Director, Membership Recruitment: Chris Faletra, Director of Sales, Govt Programs and Network Systems, Comtech EF Data
Communications Director: Stuart Baillie, VP Global Distribution Technology & Affiliate Services, Viacom

Directors At Large:
Bill Cordo, Major Account Manager, Harmonic Inc.
Blair Marshall, Senior Sales Director, SES
Catherine Palaia, Senior Product Business Marketing, AT&T Services

“I am proud to be a part of such a strong and diverse board that will help make the satellite industry a better place to work and continue the Northeast Chapter’s charter. We look forward to holding regular educational programs, furthering membership, promoting networking, supporting scholarships and ultimately enhancing business opportunities in our industry,” stated Paul Scardino, newly-elected Northeast Chapter President.

Prior to the election, held last month, the SSPI Northeast Chapter had been under the direction of a steering committee lead by the SSPI headquarters, whose task was to reinvigorate the chapter, after a brief period of dormancy, and ultimately, to recruit a volunteer board to keep the chapter on track.

“SSPI is excited to see the chapter on such strong footing,” said SSPI Executive Director, Robert Bell. “New York is a center of excellence in media distribution, and the chapter’s new Board members are an outstanding cross-section of the industry.”

About the SSPI Northeast Chapter
The SSPI Northeast Chapter ( serves the northeastern states, with a focus on the Greater Metropolitan Region of New York City. The chapter hosts the annual Ken Scott Memorial Golf Outing and numerous meet-ups for industry professionals.

About SSPI
Founded in 1983, the Society of Satellite Professionals International ( is on a mission to make the satellite industry one of the world’s best at attracting and engaging the talent that powers innovation. With more than 4,000 members in +40 nations, it is the largest satellite industry association in the world. It delivers on its mission through a portfolio of programs:

  • Next Generation – Staging competitions and sharing information with university students to excite them about careers in satellite.
  • Leaders Quest – Identifying and honoring present and future leaders as models for the industry to follow.
  • New Century Workforce – Conducting the annual workforce study and engaging satellite company executives in improving industry practices.
  • Better Satellite World – Promoting the immense contributions of satellite to commerce, education, communication and human welfare.

For More Information
Tamara Bond-Williams
Membership Director
212-809-5199 x103