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New York Space Business Roundtable: Past Conversations

The New York Space Business Roundtable is a regularly scheduled monthly program that will explore the business, financing and ethical governance of the Commercial Space sector. Because of New York’s prominence as a global financial center, it is the place where “Space does business.“ It is also the place where the industry will discuss social issues that impact the finance and business of Space and the highly charged and fast-growing Satellite industry.

Produced in association with the New York Space Alliance and with the support of the Consulate General of Luxembourg Office of Trade and Investment Office (LTIO), as well as Space News magazine, World Teleport Association and the Washington Space Business Roundtable, the Roundtable will gather every third Wednesday of the month.

You can watch past New York Space Business Roundtable sessions on demand here:

Multiverses, Quantum Space and Inspiration: How We Build Our Future

NASA-SCaN Chief Scientist & Quantum Science and Technology Lead Dr. Nasser Barghouty, Quantinuum Senior Quantum Evangelist Dr. Mark Jackson, Artist, Physicist and Comic Book Author Dr. Kitty Y.M. Yeung, SpaceNews Senior Staff Writer Jason Rainbow and SpaceNews Silicon Valley Correspondent Debra Werner explore the most innovative, emerging concepts in the industry today – and where the future investments might go.

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Meditation and Other Things I Didn’t Learn in School About the Space Industry

Lockheed Martin Vice President of New Ventures Lon Levin, Astronaut and Author Nicole Stott, Author Frank White, Beyond Earth Institute President and Co-Founder Steven Wolfe, SpaceNews Senior Staff Writer Jason Rainbow and SpaceNews Silicon Valley Correspondent Debra Werner discuss meditation and the great lessons they have learned through the insights it brings.

The State of Space in a New York State of Mind

Business Developer Terence J. Clas, Empire Space Co-Founders Patrick Chase and Evan Lerner, RRE Ventures General Partner and COO Will Porteous, SpaceNews Senior Staff Writer Jason Rainbow and SpaceNews Silicon Valley Correspondent Debra Werner discuss whether New York has the vision and the political intelligence to be a major player in the space and satellite industry.

If Taiwan Goes, Does Commercial Space Go With It?

Author and Brigadier General (Ret.) Robert Spalding, Innovation Acceleration Capital’s Darius Senkey, Tensor Tech CEO Thomas Yen and Dr. T.J. Liang of Taipei’s Industrial Technology Research Institute, a government think tank, discuss Taiwan’s significance to the world’s supply chain, high-value technology base, microprocessors and the civil life and laws upon which democracy depends and what is really at stake.

Scotland & the New Space Empire

Dr. David Alexander, OBE, Director, Rice Space Institute; Dr. Calum Forsyth, VC Investor, Techstart Ventures LLP; Dr. Hina Khan, Sr. Project Manager, UK Stakeholder Engagement Lead, Spire Global, Inc.; and Daniel Smith, Executive Director, Scottish Space Leadership Council and CEO, AstroAgency discuss Scotland’s steady, impressive space industry and its opportunities. This is the first of a three-part series.

Space SPACs: I Can't Get No . . . Space Financing

Keith Buckley, CEO of Federos (now an Oracle company) and Noel Rimalovski, GH Partners LLC discuss how to get financing for space and satellite ventures, what the reality is for financing in this market and more. This is the second part of the Space SPACs series.

Space SPACs: SPAC, Crackle, Pop

Phil Friedman, Senior Advisor at Perella Weinberg Partners; Steven Kaufman, Partner at Hogan Lovells LLP; Claude Rousseau, Research Director at Northern Sky Research; and Sita Sonty, Partner & Associate Director, Aerospace & Defense at Boston Consulting Group discuss the economic viability of companies fueled by SPAC financing and asks if they are destined to flop or a sustainable way to go. This is the first part of the Space SPACs series.

Satellites Boosting Sustainable Technologies

Paul Gloyer, President of Gloyer-Taylor Labs LLC; Douglas Helmuth, Remote Sensing Scientist and Former Principal Investigator at Lockheed Martin SSC; and Sanjay J. Wagle, Managing Director at The Lightsmith Group discuss how satellites are boosting sustainable technologies and the level of growth and investment in those enterprises in the first New York Space Business Roundtable of 2022. This edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable was part of the Climate Sense campaign.

ESG: The Unethical Future of Space

Robert Cardillo, Chief Strategist & Chairman of Planet Federal and Will Griffin, Chief Ethics Officer and AI specialist at Hypergiant discuss the unethical (or not) applications of Artificial Intelligence for the commercial space industry in the fourth panel of this series, the final installment in 2021.

ESG: Social Factors of the New Space Economy

Sabrina Alam, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) and Sustainability Head at SES Satellites, Douglas Jarl, Investment Banker at Barclays, Aerospace, Defense & Government Services, Richard Morrison of Competitive Enterprise Institute and Anthony R.G. Nolan, Partner at K&L Gates discuss the social aspect of sustainable investing and business management in the third panel of this series.

ESG: Good Governance - Why Does It Matter?

Dylan Taylor, Chairman & CEO of Voyager Space Holdings, Erica Pandey, Axios Business Reporter and Abhas Maskey, Space Foundation Nepal & Better Satellite World Award Recipient discuss governance as it relates to ESG and commercial space expansion in the second panel of this series.

ESG Applications and the Space Industry

Jason Rainbow, Senior Staff Writer at Space News, Peter Fusaro, Senior Partner, ESG at Oxford Global Accelerated Ventures, Hoyt Davidson, Founder & Managing Partner of Near Earth LLC. and Harriet Brettle, Head of Business Analysis at Astroscale discuss the emerging ESG market in the first panel of this series.