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Beyond Satellite 2024: The Rest of the Story... 

Each year, the annual major North American show is full of .....people, panels and networking events. Talking heads give us their talking points, news is fabrimade and of course, the echo chamber effect quickly takes hold!

AND, a few great panels come together, are moderated exceptionally well and could have gone longer.We wonder, what else could have been said?

How much that was not said... was not said on purpose?


THIS YEAR: Let's try something different!

What did we NOT hear enough of (or at all) at the Satellite 2024 Conference in Washington, DC ?

Whatever it turns out to be are going to hear it at this month’s New York Space Business Roundtable with the best moderators from the financial and tech sessions as our guests!

Our panelists include: 

 This month, the Roundtable is LIVE! The Zoom Session will start at 12:30, to give live guests a chance to assemble for lunch.  The event will be broadcast via Zoom, and online guests will have limited participation opportunity.   

NOTE: This registration link is for the 3 first quarter episodes of the New York Space Business Roundtable, via Zoom. For the live event, visit: New York Space Business Roundtable | NYSBR LIVE: What Did We (Not?) Hear At Satellite (

  • January 17: What We Want!
  • February 21: Ukraine & Satellites
  • March 27: Live! What did we hear at Satellite Conference?  (Zoom Registration covers online participation only)




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27 Mar 2024
12:30pm - 1:45pm EDT

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  • Online via Zoom