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In our end of Summer session we will bring together the creative, the conceptual and the real-world in a session that will be fun and explore the most innovative, emerging concepts in the industry today -and where the future investments might go. If you are into quantum, comics and multiverse – or if you want  to hear from SpaceNews about the business of the industry in August 2022,  join hosts Louis Zacharilla,  Joseph D. Fargnoli and featured guests:

  • Jason Rainbow, SpaceNews, Senior Staff Writer
  • Debra Werner, SpaceNews, Silicon Valley Correspondent
  • Dr. Nasser Barghouty, Chief Scientist & Quantum Science and Technology Lead at NASA-SCaN
  • Dr. Mark Jackson, Senior Quantum Evangelist, Quantinuum
  • Dr. Kitty Y.M. Yeung, Artist, Physicist, Comic Book Author

The role of our imagination in spurring humanity to its future is unquestioned.  Ideas like "multiverse” and quantum and much else sprung first from fertile imaginations, onto the pages of comic books, and into other genre of science fiction and organizations that jammed around amazing, sometimes crazy, ideas.

But here we are with many of those ideas being shaped into commercial opportunities.

If any industry is to explore the concept of “multiverse” and develop business applications, it is the commercial Space & Satellite community. Today we see a nexus in quantum physics enabling new models of computing and expanding our space enterprise capabilities. NASA now manages it space missions through quantum. We have begun to recognize the unique potential of quantum even though it does not (or so we think) give rise to multiverses.   

The session will be fun and yet explore some of the most innovative concepts in the industry today.  


17 Aug 2022
12:00pm - 1:15pm EDT

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  • Online via Zoom

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