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Goldilocks Regulations for Space (Or, “Nobody Told Me It Was Gonna be a Bear!)

This month the Roundtable keeps the focus on the growth of commercial space services and the de-risking of Space.

In June we ask, “How much regulation is too much? Not enough? Or juuuust right for commercial space development?

You can ask 10 people and may get 10 different answers. One thing is for certain, everyone - from investors to services developers - are asking for the grounds rules and guidance that will allow rules of the road to go into place.

We will ask four experts from different fields how much regulation the think is enough?  And how much is NOT enough.  We will ask what level of regulation is required next to manage space debris and enable the industry to flourish. Our guests will include a fast-growing entrepreneurial company from India, where developments are now accelerating with the passage of new laws.

You will not want to miss this month’s Roundtable.

The law firm of Hogan Lovell’s Space Practice Managing Partner, Steven Kaufman, will step in for Lou, who is away speaking at conference in Europe, to moderate the panel and welcome our guests.

  • Guest Moderator: Steven M. Kaufman, Partner, Hogan Lovells 
  • Krystal Azelton, Director of Space Applications Programs, Secure World Foundation
  • Abhishek Malhotra, Managing Partner, TMT Law
  • Rob Scheige, Senior Vice President, Willis Towers Watson

SpaceNews magazine will give the Significant Digits report on financial and news trends related to the topic; New York Space Alliance founder Joe Fargnoli will react to the discussion in the “New York Minute” and we will show you another great video from SSPI’s Better Satellite World series.

Episode 1: Launch: Why Billionaires matter. (APRIL 19)
Episode 2: Services: Catching Asteroids, Cleaning Debris & Data Mining (MAY 17)
Episode 3: Legal: Is space the Wild West, East, North & South? (JUNE 21)


21 Jun 2023
12:00pm - 1:15pm EDT

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